PushStaq Chrome Extension

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If you have been using PushStaq then you know that sharing text and links between your devices is instant. PushStaq Chrome extension allows you to send and share current page link that you are viewing on Desktop Chrome browser to any device such as mobile phones, tablets and other computers.

When sending web page link to any of your devices you can:

  • āœ”ļø Get a real time notification
  • āœ”ļø Copy and paste the link in target device
  • āœ”ļø Save link to selected channel and read it later from any of your devices

Devices that are subscribed to the channel you are sharing will receive a push notification with the shared link, Clicking on the notification will open the link with your browser, while on mobile it will opened on the designated app.
For example if you will share a YouTube link, clicking the Push Notification on mobile will open the YouTube app (If installed on device).

How to install and use PushStaq Chrome extension

  • Install the PushStaq Chrome extension here
    Make sure you Pin the extension after install
    PushStaq chrome extension installment video snippet

  • You need to Sign in / Sign up to PushStaq

  • Browse any page you would like to share and click on the PushStaq Chrome extension icon. Same as PushStaq app, Channels listing will appear to select the channel you wish to share the link to PushStaq chrome extension open

  • The link will be pushed to your channel directly without opening PushStaq app šŸ™Œ


PushStaq chrome extension super power your productivity with sharing web pages from desktop to your PushStaq channels and devices. On future releases we plan to add more functionality to the extension, if you have feedback suggestions etc:

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