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👋 Hello PushStaq!

"PushStaq is a real time messaging platform to share text, links and media between your devices such as Desktop and mobile phones in a modern chat interface, same as texting your friends - but to yourself."
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PushStaq API

"PushStaq includes a simple API to send messages to your channels from any programming language or CLI to log events and receive real time push notifications alerts on crucial events. Integrate 3rd party apps, IOT ESP32 / ESP8266 / Arduino projects, Smart home systems, Devops server events and more."
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PushStaq Chrome extension

"PushStaq Chrome extension allows you to send and share current page link that you are viewing on Desktop Chrome browser to any device such as mobile phones, tablets and other computers."
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RSS Feeds updates to Push Notifications with PushStaq

"RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds enable web sites to alert when they have new content published. Instead of constantly visiting your favorite web sites to find out what is new, you simply Subscribe to their RSS feed with an RSS Reader that shows you new content when published."
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Node-Red Push Notifications with PushStaq

"Integrating push notifications from Node-Red to your desktop and mobile devices with PushStaq can be done with PushStaq node for Node-Red. In this guide you will learn how to install it and use it with Node-Red."
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Secure and private messaging with End-to-end encryption

"By default PushStaq communication is secured with HTTPS at all times. But what if you wish to have all your messages private and hidden from everyone and make sure that they are not monitored by any 3rd party? even from PushStaq servers."
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