Interconnect your devices and apps integrations to one ecosystem of messages and notifications

PushStaq is a real time messaging platform to share text, links and media between your devices in a chat interface, same as texting your friends - but to yourself

Connect from anywhere

PushStaq is a fully responsive web application that works in most modern device browsers without installing any dedicated OS native app


Subscribe to channels on your devices for real time push notifications on new incoming messages

End-to-end Encryption

PushStaq supports End-to-end encryption messaging on demand, To ensure only you and your devices can read what is sent. No one in between and not even PushStaq can read your messages and real time push notifications since they are fully encrypted


Connect Node-Red, IFTTT, Zapier and any other apps that supports webhooks to integrate PushStaq real time push notifications alerts on things that are important to you


Invite other team members, family and friends to join your channels and subscribe to alerts without installing any dedicated OS native app


Organize your to-dos, notes, read it later links and view them from any of your devices - anywhere


With PushStaq Chrome extension you can share web pages directly to your channels on any of your devices

Be Productive

Copy and paste text between your devices and open links directly from notifications (on supported browsers) is quick and easy

Progressive Web App

PushStaq is a Progressive Web App that can be installed on your mobile device home screen and desktop computer. When launched performs just like a native app

Simple API

Send messages to your channels from any programming language or CLI to log events and receive real time push notifications alerts on crucial events.
Suitable for IOT ESP32 / ESP8266 / Arduino projects, Smart home systems, Devops server events and more

// CLI example with cURL - yes it is that easy!
curl --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
--header "x-api-key: API_KEY" \
--request POST \
--data '{"message":"Disk space alert on 95% used"}' \
Whether it is desktop, tablet or mobile device, Copy and paste between devices is easy

Try for free

PushStaq is currently in beta where early access is now available!

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