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Node-Red is a low-code programming platform. Connecting devices, APIs and online services for integrations and automation tasks used in IOT industrial sectors and smart homes.
Node-Red runs on any PC, Mac and Linux computers mostly used with Raspberry Pi computers for smart homes.

Integrating push notifications from Node-Red to your desktop and mobile devices with PushStaq can be done with PushStaq node for Node-Red. In this guide you will learn how to install it and use it with Node-Red.

Why use PushStaq for notifications with Node-Red?

Node-Red has over 50 contributed nodes for notifications, from email alerts to SMS and of course push notifications for mobile and desktop.
There are already great existing nodes such as Pushover and Pushbullet, so how does PushStaq node stand out from all the rest?

Using the previously mentioned services requires in most cases to download and install a dedicated native app (from Apple AppStore or Google Play for example) to display notifications on your tablets and mobile devices.

How does PushStaq stands out?

  • PushStaq runs on a browser that supports web push notifications in desktop and/or mobile - Current modern browsers supports this feature where Chrome is the most recommended to use with PushStaq.

  • PushStaq does not require special permissions and keeps your phone clean from bloated apps and secure since it runs from the browser.

  • PushStaq channels can be shared with other team or family members as a link. They can join the channel and subscribe to push notifications without forcing them to install any app.

  • Corporate organizations that limit their employees devices to install 3rd party apps on desktop and mobile devices due to security reasons won't have issues using PushStaq since it runs from the browser and does not requires a user to install anything.

  • PushStaq setup with Node-Red does not require many steps which makes it easy for any entry level of Node-Red users and start pushing notifications in one minute setup.

  • PushStaq is a Progressive Web App (PWA), with this feature some browsers allows you to install PushStaq as a native app on your device which you can access from your device home screen behaving just like native app.

Configuring and using Node-Red PushStaq node

PushStaq Setup

  • Sign in / Sign up to PushStaq and create a channel or select existing one you would like to push messages to from Node-Red.
    pushstaq create a channel

  • In the selected channel, click the top right settings icon to open the settings pane.
    pushstaq open settings pane

  • In the Settings pane click the Generate API Key button, This will create a new API key you can copy to be used in Node-Red.
    pushstaq generate channel API key

  • To receive real time push notifications, Login from the Desktop or Mobile device you wish to subscribe to and click the channel Subscribe button, on any new message in the channel you will receive a Push Notifications.
    pushstaq subscribe device to channel

Node-Red Setup

  • First install PushStaq node for Node-Red, this can be done by entering settings page and selecting the Palette section then clicking Install tab. In the search box search for PushStaq and click the Install button.
    pushstaq node-red install PushStaq node

  • After PushStaq node is installed drag the PushStaq node from the pallette to the flow canvas (should be under mobile category).
    pushstaq node-red drag node to flow

  • Double click PushStaq node to edit/add PushStaq configuration where you will need to paste the channel API key you copied from PushStaq channel settings pane in previous steps.

    • Edit Configuration
      pushstaq node-red config step 1

    • Enter configuration name and paste API key details.
      If you wish to enable End-to-end encryption, Paste channel password and channel Id as well.
      To learn more about PushStaq End-to-end encryption click here pushstaq node-red config step 2

    • Select the new created configuration name from the dropdown and click Done
      pushstaq node-red config step 3

  • To test, drag inject node and connect it to PushStaq node. in the inject node change message.payload to type of string and enter your test message.
    pushstaq node-red trigger test push Deploy and click the Inject node trigger button, the message.payload should appear in PushStaq channel and trigger notification on any device that is subscribed to that specific channel.

This simple flow is to test the PushStaq node to show how it works, In real flows the message should be dynamic and indicate some kind of a sensor alert or anything that is important for you.


In this guide we learned how to Install PushStaq on Node-Red and Setup PushStaq to receive real time Push Notifications from Node-Red.

Node-Red PushStaq node issues

For any bugs, Suggestions and requests please open a new issue here on the github repo.

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