👋 Hello PushStaq!

PushStaq is a real time messaging platform to share text, links and media between your devices such as Desktop and mobile phones in a modern chat interface, same as texting your friends - but to yourself.

PushStaq is more then just sharing media it also interconnect your devices and apps integrations to one ecosystem of messages and notifications, without the need to install any OS native app (from Apple AppStore or Google Play)

PushStaq is a "Group Chat" for your devices, integrations and notifications all in one place, accessible from anywhere.

Write. Organize. Share. Notify.

PushStaq fills the gap of other common applications in one app.

✒️ Notes and to-do lists apps

A traditional note taking app organize your to-dos, Bookmarks and important data in notes listing, Where Chat apps display messages in a chronologic order which makes it easy to scroll through messages history to find important messages.

Many chat app users open groups only with themselves to save important messages so they can access it later.
This inspired PushStaq user interface look and feel, to be used as a self knowledge base where the core of your chat data is your own between your devices (Desktop, Tablets and Mobile phones) that can be accessed from anywhere since PushStaq runs on the browser.

🔖 Bookmark managers

Browsers bookmark managers and apps such as Pocket help users that organize their web pages links into categories for organization and for the ability to read it later.

PushStaq user can create a dedicated channel as a category to save important links to read it later or for reference of their knowledge base. A link message in PushStaq channel is optimized to show as a rich link with preview and description which make it easy to sift through in later time. Video links (YouTube for example) can be played directly, even in the background (something that YouTube official mobile app does not allow unless you are a premium YouTube user)

💻🔗📱 Share web pages between devices

Many browser vendors such as Chrome and Firefox for desktop computers has a built in functionality to send current web page to your mobile device. This requires the user to have the same browser being used on Desktop to be installed on the designated mobile device and to be logged in to the same account on both devices.

With PushStaq you can be logged in on Desktop with Chrome and logged in on mobile with Firefox and send/share web pages instantly. If preferred, Mobile device can receive Push Notification with the web page link, tapping the notification will open the link directly on your mobile device.

To power up productivity, We created PushStaq Chrome Extension to share web pages in a breeze.
You can install it here and learn more about it here.

🔔 Get notified on news and messages that are important for you

On the rise of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, Consumption of news shifted towards these eco-systems, Algorithms which profile users and expose them what they (the social network) think is important for them.

Pre social networks times users with specific interests of news would subscribe to RSS feeds provided by news authority websites. This concept of consumption is still available even through some social network platforms such as Reddit that provides RSS feeds for every subreddit. Using RSS feeds is still popular but mostly among tech enthusiasts.
The late Google Reader was a wonderful app to subscribe RSS feeds and consume news without being effected from social networks news recommenders that may have hidden motive or collecting data on users habits and interests.

With PushStaq, Each created channel Webhook can be used with 3rd party apps integrations such as IFTTT, Zapier, Integromat, Node-Red and other automation platforms to wire RSS feeds notifications in real time. For example on IFTTT you can create an automation on a Reddit SubReddit RSS feed triggering PushStaq webhook on a new reddit post. This will post a new message on a specific channel with the RSS feed item with preview and description.
This is similar to Google Reader interface where each RSS subscription present latest news items.
Read our blog post how to get RSS Feeds updates to Push Notifications with PushStaq.

❤️ What makes PushStaq unique

  • PushStaq runs on browsers that supports web Push Notifications on Desktop and Mobile devices - Current modern browsers supports this feature where Chrome is the most recommended to use with PushStaq.

  • PushStaq does not require special permissions and keeps your phone clean from bloated apps and secure since it runs from the browser.

  • PushStaq channels can be shared with other team or family members as a link. They can join the channel and subscribe to push notifications without forcing them to install any app.

  • Corporate organizations that limit their employees devices to install 3rd party apps on Desktop and Mobile devices due to security reasons won't have issues using PushStaq since it runs from the browser and does not requires a user to install anything.

  • PushStaq is a Progressive Web App (PWA), with this feature some browsers allows you to install PushStaq as a native app on your device which you can access from your device home screen just like native app. Doing so on Chrome will give it super powers with the ability for other apps on your device to directly share to PushStaq (for example sharing a video from YouTube App).

🤖 PushStaq API

PushStaq API can be integrated in (but not limited to)

  • 3rd party apps - Server monitoring, build process and deployments
  • IoT and Smart home - Blynk, Node-Red - Learn more about PushStaq with Node-Red
  • Automation services - IFTTT, Zapier, Integromat
  • CLI with CURL - Shell scripting and Devops
  • Any programming language that connects to HTTP protocol

Integrations are wired through use of Webhooks. For your required integration you can create a new channel and a Webhook dedicated for your integrations so you can be notified in real time for events/alerts that are important for and your family/team members. Learn more about the PushStaq API here

✨ What's next for PushStaq?

From the start PushStaq goal is to be fast, light and easy to use platform to interconnect your data between all of your devices.
Since PushStaq is not officially launched we look for feedback from initial users to enhance and make PushStaq better.
Improving the API and adding more features are on the road map.
Blog articles about integrations examples and usages will be added weekly.

🌿 Resources to learn more about PushStaq

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